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Community Guidelines

I really want Gabtoo to be an authentic, real and importantly, a safe place for language learners to connect, practice and improve.

Help the community, and us, by posting only relevant images and links that will help other language learners. Most important, respect everyone on Gabtoo, don't spam or post anything reasonable people will find offensive.

Things To Do

Be Nice:

We're a global community with many types of people from different cultures, religions, nationalities lifestyles and levels of English. Not everyone will have the same thoughts, opinions or beliefs. This is a safe place for everyone to practice and improve. So please be polite, respectful with your interactions with others.

Practice your language:

Gabtoo is here for you, please use this platform to help you and improve yourself. If you have some success using Gabtoo, let us know so we can share in your joy.

Enjoy Gabtoo:

This is a worldwide community celebrate and share your culture and your stories, be social with each other. Find new worlds through other Language friends, get involved in discussions and broaden your horizons

Please Don't

We like to be patient with all our language friends. However if you cross any lines we will look into this and take action which may mean expelling you from the community and deleting your account, with or without warning.

Only upload and link to content you are allowed to.

Respect other peoples copyright and privacy

Don't harass or bully others

Gabtoo isn't a place where you can SPAM, Intimidate, bully, abuse or try to control others. Be polite, respectful in all your interaction with others. Don't be a creep!

Don't use hate speech

Gabtoo has a zero tolerance policy towards attacking people in the group based on their race, national origin, disability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation If You are subject to this please report it immediately

Don't spam

We hate spam, You hate spam, everyone hates spam. Full stop.

Don't encourage self harm

Gabtoo will never tolerate anyone encouraging others to self harm or doing or encouraging things that may result in others getting hurt.


In Summary

This is a safe place for the community, if you really feel You can not abide by these guidelines, then maybe this Gabtoo platform isn't for you.

We've put together these community guidelines to ensure that everyone and every Language friend has a good time in the community.

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